Prince Louis’s first official photos have people saying he looks just like his dad, Prince William

Prince Louis (Photo: HRH Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Diana with Prince William (Photo: Kensington Palace)
The first photos of the newest royal baby, Prince Louis, are here, and the latest royal baby is just as adorable as his siblings. The photos are especially unique for a sweet reason, too — the Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a. Kate Middleton herself, took the photos. One of the images was captured on April 26, when Prince Louis was just three days old; the other was taken on May 2.
But Prince Louis’s sweet baby face isn’t the only thing fans of the royal family are noticing about the photo. A number of people have pointed out on Twitter that Prince Louis’s baby photos look just like his dad, Prince William’s own baby photos.
“Little Prince Louis is just like his father,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another person tweeted that while Prince Louis resembles his dad, Princess Charlotte more closely resembles the children’s mom, Kate Middleton. (Apparently, Prince George looks like each parent equally.)And while Prince Louis and Prince William’s similarities were a popular topic of discussion, fans also took the time to point out that Middleton’s photos are very high quality. Middleton apparently loves being behind the camera. In 2017, the Royal Photographic Society honored the Duchess of Cambridge for her baby pictures. Middleton has previously released photos she’s taken of Princess Charlotte and Prince George, too.
Prince Louis may be less than two weeks old, but it looks like he’s already captured the world’s hearts. And based on the photos, it looks like his siblings already love him as much as the rest of the globe does, too. Could the photo of Princess Charlotte kissing Prince Louis on the top of his head be any sweeter?
The photo of the two children was apparently taken on Princess Charlotte’s third birthday, May 2, but it looks like she doesn’t mind sharing the attention with her new brother. After all, Prince Louis’s birth made history for his older sister, too. Princess Charlotte is the first female heir to succeed a younger brother in line for the throne. (Previously, a male would have been ahead of her in line, even if she was older.) There are plenty of reasons to love the new photos of Prince Louis and his family — and watching him grow up to look even more like his father.

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