Mother shares why she's wearing maternity jeans 2 years after having her third child in viral video

Tiffany Jenkins shares the harsh truth about shopping after having three children.
It’s no secret that being a mom is one of the toughest jobs. But one woman is doing her part in making it a bit easier — and more entertaining — with the hilarious honesty that she shares on her blog. Titled Juggling the JenkinsTiffany Jenkins‘s shares how she manages her life as a wife and a mother-of-three. What sets her apart from other influencer parents is how real she is about the less glamorous aspects of the role, like the disappointment of shopping for herself after having three children.
In her latest video posted to Awestruck — referred to as the “mom’s network” — Jenkins tackles the topic of her first shopping spree since having her youngest child, who is two. She doesn’t dance around the long-term difficulties she’s faced fitting into old clothing and finding new clothing that’s flattering at a reasonable cost, but instead she calls it like it is and shares her own distress with others who likely feel the same.
“Today I went clothes shopping, and it was the worst experience of my life,” she began in the confessional clip. “I haven’t been shopping for new clothes since before my two-year-old was born. In fact, I’ve been wearing leggings for like the past two years straight. Mainly because: A. Pants are prisons, and B. Because nothing in my closet fits me anymore.”
Chronicling the times she’s shuffled through her own wardrobe only to find the pairs of jeans that haven’t fit since having children, Jenkins says that she finally decided to get some items that she could comfortably wear for a date night. Instead, she was faced with the reality that she can’t shop quite the same way as she had in the past, or in the same stores. But the understandable shift of going from “fun” stores to more conservative “mom” stores became even more relatable when Jenkins talked about the issue of locating a store with consistent and reliable sizing.
“I tried on 29 pair of pants because apparently not only am I no longer a size 12, I’m a size 16,” she continued. “But also, size 16 is different depending on what brand you’re pulling up over your thighs, just like a game.”
Instead, Jenkins admitted to slipping into a pair of maternity jeans, although she’s not pregnant, and feeling right at home. And people, beyond just mothers, couldn’t appreciate it more.
“I’ve literally thought of doing the same thing!!” one person commented. “I want cute jeans that make room for my post-baby tummy that is not what it used to be. The buttons do nothing but make my tummy look like a popped open crescent roll package.” While another simply exclaimed, “Ain’t no shame in the maternity jean game!”
The hilarious video has received a huge reaction — more than 1.5 million views on Facebook — for being so real, which is something that Jenkins tells Yahoo Lifestyle is a vital aspect of her platform.
“I felt really defeated that day, and something that makes me feel better is sharing my experiences with others to let them know that they’re not alone,” she explains. “Shopping has always seemed like a chore for me. I think I’ll stick to my husband’s shirts and boxers from now on.”

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