Trump Brushed Dandruff Off Macron's Shoulders In Front Of The Media And Je Suis Shook

The US president said he wanted the French leader to look perfect. Macron's shocked face was incredible.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, to the White House on Tuesday morning.

The French leader will be the guest of honor at the Trump administration's state dinner on Tuesday night.

The two presidents sat down for a chat in the Oval Office, where cameras were briefly allowed in to film them.

At the start of the photo op, Trump boasted about what a great relationship he had with the French leader. "It's not fake news," he said. "We do have a very special relationship."
Then, in a diplomatic power move for the ages, Trump said he was SUCH a good friend that he was willing to brush what he said was dandruff from Macron's shoulder.

"You have a little piece," Trump said as he brushed the collar of the leader of America's oldest ally on live international television. "We have to make him perfect."

This, mesdames et messieurs, is the face of a powerful world leader who has just been pwned for an alleged scalp condition.

Maybe it was Trump's revenge for that time Macron upstaged him in a handshake last year?

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