Mom Who Admits Raging At Her Kids: ‘I Don’t Know How To Undo The Damage I’ve Done’

Jenny says she doesn’t know how to parent and should have never become a mother.The 36-year-old single mother of 5 claims she’s always angry and that it’s her kids who trigger her rages. 
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“Three times a week, I have a blackout rage,” she says, adding that she becomes verbally abusive toward her children. 
Her 18-year-old son, Ryan, confirms, “A blackout rage for my mom is where she gets angry, her face turns red, she can push, shove, hit the doors, scream, threat – and then not remember it.” Maddie, 15, says, “Last December my mom called me on the phone while I was with my aunts and told me that I have made her want to kill herself many times. She never explained to me what was wrong or what I did. She just was blowing up.” “This family’s falling apart because of me,” claims Jenny, who says she’s a recovering addict. Continuing, she says, “I don’t know how to undo the damage I’ve done.” Jenny says she never learned how to be a parent because up until two years ago, her children were always in her mother, Lisa’s, care. Why does Lisa claim that ever since Jenny got them back, her grandchildren have been raising themselves? 
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