John Oliver to air commercial on 'Hannity' specifically pointed at Trump

On May 12, President Donald Trump will have to decide whether to support the current Iran nuclear deal or impose sanctions. And as Last Week Tonight With John Olivershowed, Trump is not a huge fan of that deal.
Although complex, the arrangement basically requires Iran to not enrich uranium to weapons-grade for 15 years; to reduce its number of operating nuclear centrifuges from 19,000 to just over 5,000; and to increase the time it would take to make a bomb from a few months to a year.
In a series of tweets, Trump has called the deal “terrible,” “a catastrophe,” “stupid,” “insane,” “incompetent,” “really sad,” “horrible,” “horrendous,” and “one of the dumbest and most dangerous misjudgments ever.”
As Oliver pointed out, If Trump blows up the deal, it not only means Iran could start building nuclear weapons immediately, but it would also have an effect on other important diplomatic matters.  “Why would North Korea consider signing a nuclear agreement with us if we just broke the agreement we signed only three years ago with Iran?” asked the host.
In hopes of convincing Trump that the deal is in everyone’s best interest, Oliver bought advertising time during Fox News’s Hannity to air a commercial featuring the Catheter Cowboy.
During the spot the Catheter Cowboy says, “I’m here to tell you, the Iran deal may not be perfect, but it helps restrict Iran’s ability to start making a bomb for at least 10 years. You blow up the deal, and that turns into zero years. And if I’ve learned one thing from all these years of cowboying and cathetering, it’s that zero is way less than 10.”
The commercial will run this week in the Washington, D.C., market. On May 12, we will know if the commercial was effective.
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver airs Sundays at 11 p.m. on HBO.
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