Jacksonville man fires his gun in the grass, gets sentenced 20 years

Eric Wright would probably like a do-over of that day five years ago.
It's a day that changed the course of the 23-year-old Jacksonville man's life.
He was at home with his new girlfriend when his ex-girlfriend showed up uninvited.
They started arguing and then it turned physical.
"And when I finally got her out of the home, I had a firearm in my waistband, and I pulled the firearm out and shot it into the ground next to me about five feet away," Wright told On Your Side's Julia Jenae in an EXCLUSIVE jailhouse interview.
Several hours later, Wright's ex called police and once convicted, he's been in jail ever since.
He'll be there until 2033.
Making his sentence extra hard to deal with is the fact that he was sentenced under Florida's "minimum mandatory" statute, a law that changed a year after his spat with his ex girlfriend.
If Wright and his girlfriend had gotten into that fight a year later, he likely wouldn't be in jail for two decades, but changes to the law don't apply retroactively so he'll be in prison until he's 45.

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