This Might Be the Real Reason Hope Hicks Left Her Job at the Trump White House

It’s getting hard to keep up with all the drama at Donald Trump’s White House. Apparently, one department that’s had the worst luck is the White House communications office. In a somewhat surprising move, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks announced her plans to resign. Although Hicks tried to keep a low profile, scandal found her, and the outcome wasn’t so great. Hicks says her resignation was planned beforehand, but just like almost everything involving Trump, there’s more to the story.
This might be the real reason Hope Hicks left her job at the Trump White House. We’ll also take a quick look at how she made it to the White House.
It seems no one remains in the communications office for very long. At this point, a job in this office is shorter than a summer internship. There have been several departures within a short amount of time. For example, Press Secretary Sean Spicer left his position shortly after Anthony Scaramucci came aboard. (Scaramucci was only on the job for 11 days.)
Before that, Spicer temporarily filled in after former Communications Director Mike Dubke resigned after only three months. Hicks is now the fourth employee in the communications department to leave in less than a year. And Hicks is at least the 18th high-level administration member to resign since Trump was inaugurated.

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