Tomi Lahren Apologizes for Calling Joe Kennedy III a ‘Little Limp D–‘ (Video)

omi Lahren Apologizes for Calling Joe Kennedy III a ‘Little Limp D–‘ (Video)

Tomi Lahren backtracked Wednesday after calling Rep. Joe Kennedy III a “little limp d—” in an Instagram video following the Democrat’s televised response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.
“My comments on my personal Instagram about Kennedy’s response were inappropriate and I take full responsibility for that,” the Fox News contributor wrote Wednesday. “I got too upset. I sincerely apologize.”
The original video was posted by Lahren in reaction to Kennedy’s rebuttal to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.
“If you haven’t yet had the displeasure of watching that little limp d—‘s response to President Trump’s State of the Union, I suggest you take some Pepto Bismol or some Midol or whatever you need to do to get through it because it was pathetic and it was embarrassing. Oh, my God,” Lahren said in the clip.
The insightful commentary was recorded as part of an Instagram post and while those generally disappear forever after 24 hours — they don’t when you’re famous. A recording of the remarks swiftly made its way to Twitter and beyond.
A Fox News spokesperson declined to comment and directed TheWrap to Lahren’s apology on Twitter.


  1. Tomi, Porn Hub says if you wander off set again you are fired.

  2. Why apologize for stating the obvious?

    This is trending on social media:
    less than 24 hours later, Joe Kennedy is the eternal drool meme set to echo throughout the internet for all eternity.


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