The 5 worst halftime shows in Super Bowl history

TAMPA, FL – JANUARY 27: New Kids on the Block perform prior to the New York Giants taking on the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV at Tampa Stadium on January 27, 1991 in Tampa, Florida. The Giants defeated the Bills 20-19. (Photo by Gin Ellis/Getty Images)
Looking through the vintage footage, it becomes clear that the more the Super Bowl tries to jam the halftime show with big names, the worse the show becomes. New Kids on the Block managed to be rotten single-handedly, but no one really expects flavor-of-the-moment manufactured pop to look good in retrospect. Fact is, no matter how much money you throw at a project, it’s still 12 minutes of entertainment and having everyone run around and act silly actually makes the time move slower than if you just let them play a song all the way through.
I didn’t consider any Super Bowl performance pre-1991, because it’s not fair. That was the dark ages when Up With People! were regularly run out there, and if you know anything about them then you know they weren’t real entertainment but some kind of mind-control unit that never should have been allowed in front of the people they were so allegedly “Up” with.

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