CNN Analyst Has A Reality Check For Trump Over 'Insane' Plan To Arm Teachers

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin slammed President Donald Trump’s call to arm teachers. 

“When you hear the president of the United States say the answer is to give every teacher in America a gun, that is insane,” Toobin said on Wednesday. “That is an insane idea.”

Then he really let loose: 

 “I mean, seriously, did anybody go to school here? Does anybody remember their teachers? Do you think we should give all of them guns? Do you think they want guns? Just what kind of country do we live in when we’re talking about giving every teacher in America a gun and that’s a solution to this problem?”
Toobin is hardly alone. 

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) echoed Toobin in a separate CNN segment. 

“That’s an insane idea that will make our schools less safe, not more safe,” Murphy said. “It’s a creation of the gun lobby.”

Earlier in the day, the National Education Association, which represents 3 million teachers and other educators, also panned the plan. 

“We need solutions that will keep guns out of the hands of those who want to use them to massacre innocent children and educators,” Lily Eskelsen García, the organization’s president, told Education Week. “Arming teachers does nothing to prevent that.”


  1. Why the same plan is not "insane" in Israel? Why the majority of those who are against the 2nd Amendment in the US and want to ban guns are Jewish?

  2. America is simply crazed with the military identity and aggression.

    It extends to most of what you do and affects everyday life for everyone.

    It is a form of sickness, but it is a sickness America has worked hard to develop (rather than cure) for two centuries.

    Look at your insane record in foreign affairs. Meaningless war after meaningless war. Always ready to push people around. Millions killed since WWII and none of it for defense.

    Well, your lunatic gun culture and all it implies, including periodic mass shootings, provides the greenhouse or nursery to develop all those killers you are going to need to set loose on the world.

    I'd very much go with your idiot President's suggestion about arming every teacher.

    Opposition here will deprive us of countless hilarious tales.

    Teachers accidentally shooting themselves in the foot.

    Teachers deliberately shooting annoying parents.

    Little Johnny sneaking into the desk drawer where his teacher keeps her gun and taking it out to recess.

    This and much, much more - all genuine Americana.

    1. These are the same contentions that have been raised, again and again with neither logic nor evidence, against laws allowing "concealed carry" of firearms for ordinary citizens. Apparently, the commentator does not realize (or care) that teachers who were allowed to carry firearms in schools would have to undergo some rather rigorous legal and practical training beforehand. Actually, the far better solution would be to revitalize the constitutional "Militia of the several States" in each State, so that many more people would receive such training. But arming teachers is a good start.

    2. I'm all for removing the designation of "gun free zones" from places in the US. They have become advertisement and an attraction for mass murderers. Not every teacher needs to be armed, but the fact some of them might be might make even a crazy person think twice before shooting up a school. I would prefer some teachers or administrators be armed as opposed to eating and hoping law enforcement will protect the kids. As we've seen in the recent FL attack, even an armed guard approach has its limitations.

  3. The old auto-correct stuck "eating" in my post!

  4. The primary issue is people with guns who shouldn't have them. Once they get them then there is a need to figure out what to do about the people who have guns that shouldn't have them. But the best thing is not to let them get them in the first place. And since most of the mass shooters are mentally ill, the best way to keep the mentally ill from being a danger to society is to lock them up. But we don't do that anymore and no one is pushing for it because mental institutions cost lots of money to operate.

  5. in israel it is normal for teachers to carry...


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