The girl was attacked in her classroom. Parents ask, where was the teacher?

The girl was attacked in her classroom. Parents ask, where was the teacher?
The red-shirted girl lifts a chair and smashes it down on a classmates desk. She holds it there, smirking, as the girl sitting at the desk curls up in defense. Then the attacker shoves the chair’s metal legs forward, jabbing the victim in the arm.
“No! Oh my God!,” other students can be heard saying. A few sound genuinely concerned. Others sound shocked – and amused.
The victim, a long-haired girl in a pink sweater, sobs as she cradles her injured arm. Other students in the classroom laugh. At the front of the class, two students glance over but turn back to the board as the attacker wanders away.
“Bruh,” a student says before the red-shirted girl returns and smacks her hand down, hard, on the victim’s head. This time, gasps erupt from the class.“Oh, my God,” a student says as the victim buries her head in her hands. The last shot shows a girl at the desk next to the victim reaching out and turning the girl toward her.
The bullying in the viral video, which occurred Monday and was shared widely across social media Wednesday night and Thursday, happened in a seventh-grade classroom at Creekland Middle School in Lawrenceville, Ga, according to the Gwinnett Daily Herald.
Now, the student who attacked her classmate is facing both disciplinary action from the school and criminal charges, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
“This incident occurred at the end of the school day and the victim reported this situation to an administrator,” Sloan Roach, a spokesperson for Gwinnett County Schools, told the AJC. “As this situation did occur in the classroom, the school also is addressing this issue with the teacher. This type of behavior is not acceptable and the school took immediate action.”WSB-TV reported the student has been charged with simple battery. School principal Eddie Maresh sent a letter to parents regarding the incident that echoed what Roach told the AJC.
He added that “we are focused on providing students with a safe and positive teaching and learning environment. Although the vast majority of our students follow school rules, when misbehavior occurs we deal with it quickly. In addition, we work directly with the parents of the students who are involved in a situation.”
Maresh said in the letter he had received several calls from concerned parents and wanted to “reassure” them the incident was handled appropriately.
The video, which has been shared more than 70,000 times, had many people on social media asking, ‘Where was the teacher?’
A spokesperson from the school district told WSB-TV the teacher was indeed in the classroom during the assault, but “was in a different area of the (room) working with a group of students.”

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