She took him in when he was homeless. He slashed her throat while she slept, cops say

Sandy Archery was covering the stab wounds in her neck with a comforter when she ran to a neighbor’s yard for help, prosecutors said. There was a “trail of blood from the bedroom.”
Her screams had awakened a family member staying with her. Archery, who’d awoken to her own pain, yelled for the relative and his cousins to get out of the house, prosecutors said.
But when authorities arrived at the Douglas County, Ga., home, it didn’t look like anyone had broken in, according to Assistant District Attorney David Emadi.
Archery told authorities the person who stabbed her looked like Kenny Oliver, a friend of her son’s whom she’d allowed to live in her home because he had nowhere to go and was homeless.
The woman then indicated she could remember her attacker’s shirt color—it was the same color shirt her son saw Oliver wearing shortly before the assault.
The shirt she described was found with blood in the woods near where Oliver would often camp, authorities said. Investigators found out Oliver hadn’t shown up for work that morning. They discovered his cellphone in the victim’s room. A steak knife was on the nightstand, prosecutors said.
Investigators would later learn Oliver had been obsessed with Archery, according to witnesses, and was upset that she was seeing someone else romantically, despite the two having never been in a relationship, said Emadi, the DA.
When authorities searched Oliver’s phone, they found disturbing evidence of his obsession—four secret videos of Archery bathing. The videos were taken outside the master bath window, and filmed through the slats of her blinds, Emadi said. It was clear Archery had no idea she was being filmed.
More evidence revealed Oliver had a history of threatening violence against woman, prosecutors said.
On Monday, Oliver, 21, was convicted of stabbing Archery multiple times as she slept in her bed in August 2016, as well as invading her privacy, according to the district attorney’s office. He was sentenced to 30 years behind bars.
At Oliver’s sentencing, prosecutors noted the victim received more than 30 internal and external stitches on her throat and right index finger. The cut on her finger caused a loss of feeling, and the emotional and psychological effects of such a brutal assault will likely linger forever, they said.
Oliver pleaded for leniency. But the judge agreed with prosecutors’ recommended sentence, which includes no contact with Archery’s family.

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