California Woman Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Walmart For Locking Up Black Hair Care Products

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  1. Everything is racist today. I hope that customer comes to understand that shoplifting knows no color. Some products are simply stolen more often than others, and if the thefts are bad enough, the store is better off not carrying the product at all. However, before making that drastic decision, they will try to protect the inventory by locking it in a case, or putting chains or cables on it, or putting extra security tags on it, or stationing a person by the product to sell/guard the product. All of those measures have extra costs attached to them, and if the cost of protecting the product becomes too high, then discontinuing the product is the only choice left. That customer should be upset with the shoplifters for making life difficult for her, not the store for trying to offer goods for sale.

    I have no faith that the courts will rule reasonably in this matter.


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