2 dads nabbed by ICE as they drop off kids at NJ school; 3rd takes shelter in church

HIGHLAND PARK, N.J. — ICE agents detained two men in Middlesex County Thursday morning and a third fled to the Reformed Church of Highland Park where he will be sheltered from the government.
“We are just here trying to achieve our dreams, working hard, provide for our family,” said Harry Pangemanan, who said he spotted ICE agents in undercover cars outside his home as he was about to drive his daughter to school.
He ran inside the house and refused to open the door. His pastor came and recorded on camera the agents knocking on the door.
“We had one night when 35 dads were taken in one night from Avenel, New Jersey, from the same apartment complex. I had 60 kids become orphans that night or become fatherless,” Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale said.
ICE arrested Gunawan Liem, of Franklin Lark, Thursday after he dropped his daughter off at the bus stop. Roby Sanger of Metuchen was detained after he brought his daughters to school.
PIX11 has reached out to ICE for comment.
Gov. Phil Murphy raced to the Reformed Church of Highland Park to show support for Pangemanan and the other immigrants living in the sanctuary of the church.
Yohames Tasik has been taking shelter in the church since ICE came for him 11 days ago. Arthur Jemmy has been living there for more than 100 days.
“Hopefully Trump will change his heart because he also has a family,” Jemmy said.
The president has pledged to deport more than 2 million undocumented immigrants.
The two immigrants detained Thursday in New Jersey and those being sheltered at the church are all from Indonesia. They fled their country in the late 1990s when Christians were being persecuted in the country. Their children were born here.“My hope is just let me raise my kids. Let them be whatever they dream and when they stand on their own feet I can voluntarily go back to my country,” said Pangemanan’s wife, who did not want to give her name.
These men say they have no criminal records.
Pangemanan was recently awarded for helping to rebuild more than 200 houses after Sandy devastated the area.
Liem and Sanger are being held at the Essex County Jail.

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