Sexy Lips With Red Lip Ideas For Beautiful Women

Bright red lipstick is becoming a trend. Many women who polish their lips with bold colors, the celebrities also do the same thing. From the beginning of its appearance, singer Gwen Stefani did choose the classic retro style for her appearance. Blonde blooms are styled classic wave, vintage clothes to red lips became his trademark.

Like the sexy star Scarlett Johansson for example who recently chose a red lipstick to color her lips. Her pale white skin was bright with the color of her choice of lipstick. Plus her curly blonde hair increasingly makes her appearance look vintage.
Bright red lipstick gives the impression, sexy, glamorous, and classic. But there are still many women who are not confident to apply red color on their beautiful lips. In fact, red lipstick matches matching with various styles of clothing either casual fashion, trendy, to elegant.
Red Lip 1224
Red Lip

The red color on the lipstick also varied there are bright red and dark red, usually women will choose the color according to their taste. for those of you who are looking for ideas for lip color you can see it below.

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