Nancy Pelosi presents special flag to George Floyd’s family, sparks major outrage

Critics say the gesture was an 'insult to our service members.'

Many Americans are outraged after seeing a picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) presenting an American flag to the family of George Floyd recently. The picture has been located on Pelosi’s official Twitter feed among a collection of photos involving the Floyd family, and has since been circulating across social media sites.
Pelosi’s Twitter post reads, “Philonise Floyd’s heart-wrenching testimony to @HouseJudiciary left its mark on us all. May this flag, which flew over the Capitol on the day of his brother’s murder, serve as a symbol of our shared commitment to securing justice for George and for all victims of police violence.”The response to her post from Twitter users came fast and furious: “It was @SpeakerPelosi who presented that flag to George Floyd’s family… This is an INSULT to our American service men and women!!! Let her know how you feel!!!”
“If I would have died in the middle East as a contractor, I’m not even sure I could have been shipped home without a charter flight, let alone the honor of getting any kind of military rights and, with a record like this, I wouldn’t have a job.”
“A disgrace! Pelosi just spit on every American soldier who has does for this country. You are pathetic as well the rest of the #DoNothingDemocrats”
Prior to moving to Minneapolis to allegedly turn his life around, George Floyd had served time in Texas for armed robbery, according to the UK’s Daily Mail. He also had numerous other arrests on his record. In total, he had five separate jail stints according to a Daily Mail investigation that cited criminal and court records. Floyd’s criminal records date back to the 1990s.
While it is certainly commendable that Floyd was reportedly trying to turn his life around at the time of his untimely death and absolutely did not deserve to die while in police custody, the honor bestowed on his family angered Americans who saw the gesture as inappropriate pandering on Pelosi’s part.
Perhaps the focus should be on getting Mr. Floyd and his family justice by retraining any officers out there who need it, and reforming any rules of engagement that are causing more harm than good. Let’s leave the political stunts for another day.


  1. I enjoyed watching Floyd at age 16 on Judge Judy being told to pay damages for a car he stole. Naturally, Floyd blamed the police for chasing him and "forcing" him to wreck the stolen car. What a POS

  2. to honour a criminal is certainly the absolute wrong thing to do.Pelosi should be retired at once.

  3. Pander pander, goose and gander.

  4. Satan is coming for you Nancy...

  5. Don't forget the 4 times in PRISON for COCAINE possession and ARMED ROBBERY of a PREGNANT WOMAN. Anyone see a pattern here? He was HIGH ON FENTANYL while being arrested for passing a COUNTERFEIT $20, and guess what high doses of fentanyl causes? BREATHING DIFFICULTIES. He was a low level porn actor. He was the TYPICAL LOW-LIFE nigger causing problems while alive and STILL causing problems while dead. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  6. George Floyd faked his death. April 13 the MPD issued a mandatory mask policy. Only one cop is wearing a mask. None of the bystanders were wearing masks. DC is supposed to be 5'9", the DC in the video is at least 6'6". DC's next door neighbors didn't know he is a cop and thought he was in real estate. GF's lawyer said he died 3 years ago. GF is supposed to be 6'"6 but his casket was well under 6 feet long and it's obvious it's empty from the way they were dancing with it. There is a second video from across the street that doesn't show the bystanders. The white traffic line is next to GF's head in one video. In another it's 2 feet from his head. In another video there are no traffic lines at all.
    Try 153 News


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